COGAN project Team Meeting in Santander

The COGAN project team just met in Santander, Spain at the end of last month. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the evolution of the project.
It allowed them to discuss some crucial points of the project including:


  • E-learning course:

As you may now know the COGAN Team worked very hard on developping a course. The e-learning course was guided by feedback from the Industry Needs Survey. The COGAN partners then chose the two topics to be covered by the COGAN E-Learning modules (Setting up a geotechnical numerical model and Structural elements in geotechnical numerical models). These 2 e-Learning modules have been made available for review.
The modules have been condensed under one three-hour module named Perform better geotechnical numerical analysis.
This topic brings us to another point that was discussed at that meeting:


  • Industry testing and evaluation:

The COGAN e-learning course needs to reviewed so feel free to let us know what you think about the 3-hour course.
Consult our dedicated page to learn more about the e-learning course.


  • Progress on Competency Tracker:

A few months back we asked you again if you would be willing to review another project of the COGAN team.
This was the competency tracker that was launched and again we needed your help to review it.
Have a look and watch the video tutorial that shows how it works.

Thank you all for your help viewing, testing, reviewing and sending your comments over!


COGAN Project Team meeting in Santender - April 2015

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