Industry Needs Survey Report

The COGAN Industry Needs Survey report presents the results of a survey of users of geotechnical numerical analysis tools to determine their views on the application of such tools in industry, particularly related to competency and training. The results of this survey have been used to shape the development of the COGAN project deliverables so that they matched the needs of industry as closely as possible.

The survey itself comprised an online questionnaire of 31 questions taking about 15 minutes to complete. It was completed by 619 respondents from 37 different countries / continents. A lot of invitations were sent out across a broad range of industry sectors in Europe and beyond. The high number of responses indicates that the subject is of high interest.

The majority of respondents were engineers/analysts and senior engineers, although project managers and directors were also well represented. The educational level of about half the respondents was to master’s degree level, with about a third reaching doctorate level. Respondents were well distributed across all age groups and were generally well experienced in geotechnical numerical analysis.

The results of the survey were extremely interesting – please feel free to take a look for yourself! INS Report