Educational Base

One of the key deliverables for the COGAN project is an Educational Base for geotechnical analysts. The purpose of the educational base will be to direct staff development, and consists of around 800 Statements of Competence across15 topic areas.

The educational base will cover the following topic areas:

  • Design and Numerical Model for Geotechnical Analysis
  • Structural Elements and Interfaces
  • Constitutive Models and Parameters for Structural Materials
  • Constitutive Models for Geomaterials
  • Obtaining Soil/Rock Parameters
  • Saturated/Unsaturated Groundwater Flow
  • Drained/Undrained Analysis
  • Consolidation (Coupled)
  • Limit State Analysis
  • Validation of Analysis Results
  • Excavations (Deep)
  • Foundations
  • Earth Works/Slopes
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Modelling Applications and Design Code Considerations