E-Learning Modules

Guided by feedback from the Industry Needs Survey, the COGAN partners chose the two topics to be covered by the COGAN E-Learning modules. These topics will be:

  • Setting up a geotechnical numerical model
  • Structural elements in geotechnical numerical models

The courses consist of videos, with some text and self-testing and quizzes, etc. Each course should take 4-5 hours approximately to complete.

Please see below for some examples of the video’s included in the courses.

Construction Methods Snippit

Geometry Simplifications Snippit

Mesh Generation Snippit

We are pleased to announce that both the E-Learning modules are now available for review – please visit the Udemy site to view the courses www.udemy.com/coganproject and please leave any feedback directly using the Udemy platform, your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated – ENJOY!