Competency Tracker

The COGAN Competency Tracker can now be used.


Domain experts have written 15 Technical Modules with over 800 individual competency statements contained within the tracker as a result the Educational Base has now been completed and incorporated within the COGAN Competency Tracker.

The COGAN Tracker is now ready to be used and it can be accessed at

Users who wish to learn how to use the technology before signing up can consult the tutorial videos below. The videos will be able to help you navigate through the tracker.


Video #1 General Presentation

Video #2 Competency Tracker User Registration


The Tracker system is not a rigid software and can be incorporated into companies in-house systems and is fully customisable and adaptable to user/organisations requirements. The system is not intended to lead to certification. It is intended as a useful framework for geotechnical professionals to record and plan their development.