Competence Tracker Topics Agreed


Thanks to the Industry Needs Survey results and fruitful discussions at the second COGAN Project meeting in Padova in January 2014, the list of modules for the Competency Tracker was agreed. For each of these, domain experts will prepare competence statements with learning references defining much of what an engineer needs to know in order to perform geotechnical numerical analysis in these areas.

Applied numerical analysis

  • Designing a numerical model for numerical analysis
  • Constitutive models for geomaterials
  • Obtaining soil/rock parameters
  • Structural elements and interfaces
  • Constitutive models and parameters for structural materials
  • Validation of analysis results
  • Modelling applications and design code considerations

Technical modules

  • Saturated/unsaturated groundwater flow
  • Drained/undrained analysis
  • Consolidation (coupled)

Structure-specific analysis

  • Deep excavations
  • Foundations (including piles)
  • Earthworks and slopes

Fundamental knowledge

  • Background soil mechanics
  • Background rock mechanics

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