COGAN Project Launched


COGAN - Competency in Geotechnical Analysis

The COGAN (Competency in Geotechnical Analysis) European was officially launched at the beginning of this month and the first partner meeting took place in Cheshire, UK on 11-12 October.

The project will be executed by a strong EU-wide partnerships all engaged in engineering analysis in the construction sector and managed by NAFEMS. The project partners include: Geofem Ltd., TERRASOLUM S.L., Mott MacDonald, Technische Universität Graz, Skanska Sverige, EnginSoft Spa and Wesi Geotecnica.

The main outcomes from COGAN – all firsts for geotechnical analysis – The main outcomes from COGAN – all firsts for geotechnical analysis – will include:

  • An Educational Base consisting of around 1000 Statements of Competence in about 15 topic areas. Essentially this will define many of the competences required of an engineer engaged in geotechnical numerical analysis so that training providers can develop training material to cover these competences and engineers can know which competences they need to develop their skills in geotechnical numerical analysis.
  • An internet or intranet-based Competence Framework, built around the Educational Ba
    se, to allow formal recording of competence achievement, with links to wider professional/ company competence frameworks;
  • Two E-Learning Modules for work-based learning, to achieve in depth the learning outcomes in two selected core competencies, and to promote the development of further modules by training providers.

The project was launched this month and will run for two years.

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