For some years there has been a need in the geotechnical industry to address the inconsistent implementation of increasingly powerful numerical analysis software (e.g. finite element analysis).

Previous benchmark studies have suggested that the inconsistency is primarily a result of users of analysis software lacking the necessary competency.

Therefore, the primary goal of COGAN, a Leonardo da Vinci European Transfer of Innovation project,  is:

to improve competency in geotechnical numerical analysis.

How will COGAN achieve this ?

  • define the minimum user competences required for the safe implementation of analysis software
  • identify training resource material to help gain these competences
  • provide a web-based platform to view competences and training material and to track progress
  • prepare and run e-learning courses in key areas


“Please help us to ensure that COGAN meets your needs by participating in the Industry Needs Survey, by volunteering to evaluate our deliverables as they become available, and by engaging in the project through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.”

Andrew Lees, Project coordinator, COGAN