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We are delighted to offer you a free webinar on computing for Geotechnical Design on the 24th October 2014 (12:00 Noon BST, 13:00 CEST, 08:00 EDT, 05:00 PDT) so mark this date!
COGAN geotechnical webinar

The principal aim of the webinar is to address the fact that for some years there has been a need in the geotechnical industry to address the inconsistent implementation of increasingly powerful numerical analysis software (e.g. finite element analysis).


The geotechnical webinar will be held by two instructors:


Dr Brian Simpson is an Arup Fellow, a principal of Arup Geotechnics and an Honorary Professor at the University of Nottingham, UK. He has worked on a wide range of geotechnical and ground-structure interaction problems. He maintains particular interests in numerical modelling, retaining structures and tunnels.

Dr Andrew Lees is Director of the geotechnical analysis consultancy Geofem. He is also coordinator of the COGAN project that he will present to the audience.


At this occasion, Dr Andrew Lees will give an introduction of the COGAN project and what has been achieved so far.

As for Dr Brian Simpson, he will be informing the attendees on the power of computing for geotechnical design. His presentation for the webinar will have a focus on the importance of Equilibrium in many engineering calculations. The geotechnical expert will also review Strength, Strain, Dilation and Superposition in that context.


You can find more information and register for the webinar * through our partner NAFEMS, the international association for the engineering analysis community. The organisation will also be introduced during the webinar by David Quinn, Head of Marketing and Communication for NAFEMS.

You can also read how it all began for us in our post called Cogan Project launched in which we explained the desired outcomes of the project that was an all first for the geotechnical analysis industry.

Registrations are now closed, please visit NAFEMS to consult the courses online for free


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