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Webinar on FEA in design of Foundations & Anchors for Offshore Structures 2

The Cogan Project team is happy to invite you to register for the free webinar we organised on Finite Element Analyses (FEA) in design of Foundations and Anchors for Offshore Structures. This webinar will presented by Dr. Lars Andresen who is the Managing Director of the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute – NGI. Dr. Andresen has […]

finite element analysis of an offshore structure and surrounding soil


Feedback, Webinar, and Exhibiting at XVI ECSMGE

  Some of you have already planned to spend your holidays on a sandy beach, discovering a new culture, exploring the countryside, (remodelling your home?) or something more off the beaten track (pun intended).  Whatever your choice of adventure might be, you may find some time to learn some new skills in your downtime, […]