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The COGAN Competency Tracker is now ready!

  After months of hard work, we can finally present you the COGAN Competency Tracker.       The COGAN competency tracker is now ready to be tested and it can be accessed at After 6 months of dedicated work, world-renowned experts from the geotechnical and numerical analysis fields have prepared […]

COGAN project competency tracker

COGAN geotechnical webinar

View ‘Computing for Geotechnical Design: Equilibrium, Strength, Strain, Dilation & Superposition’ now

We are pleased to provide the link to view the recent COGAN Project ‘Computing for Geotechnical Design: Equilibrium, Strength, Strain, Dilation and Superposition’ webinar. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Brian Simpson for giving this excellent presentation.

Please feel free to view the webinar which took place on 24th October here.

The COGAN project at the NUMGE 2014 conference (numerical methods in geotechnical engineering)

  The NUMGE conference was the 8th in a series of conferences on Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering organized by the ERTC7 in Delft (Netherlands) where Andrew Lees from Geofem had the chance to introduce the COGAN project to the Conference’s participants. Some pictures were taken for this occasion and are now […]

OGAN Project at the NUMGE conference

Forthcoming COGAN E-Learning Topics 2

Guided by feedback from the Industry Needs Survey, the COGAN partners chose the two topics to be covered by the COGAN E-Learning modules later in the project. These topics will be: Setting up a geotechnical numerical model Structural elements in geotechnical numerical models These E-Learning modules will be ready at […]

600+ Geotechnical Analysts Complete COGAN Industry Needs Survey

The COGAN project industry needs survey received a strong response indicating a high level of interest in the project and the deliverables.  More than 600 geotechnical analysts from across Europe participated in the survey, helping ensure that the future deliverables meet industry needs. COGAN aims improve competency in geotechnical analysis […]

Complete the Industry Needs Survey by 31st December

The closing date for the COGAN industry has been extended to 31st December 2013. More than 400 have participated in the COGAN project industry needs survey so far, helping shape the outcomes of the project. Ensure that the deliverables meet your needs by completing the survey.


COGAN Industry Needs Survey

Industry Needs Survey Launched

COGAN aims improve competency in geotechnical analysis. The project will achieve this by preparing a framework for defining and recording numerical analysis skills in geotechnical engineering as well as E-Learning modules in key technical areas. Help ensure that the outcomes of the COGAN  meet your needs by completing the project survey.

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COGAN Project Launched

  The COGAN (Competency in Geotechnical Analysis) European was officially launched at the beginning of this month and the first partner meeting took place in Cheshire, UK on 11-12 October. The project will be executed by a strong EU-wide partnerships all engaged in engineering analysis in the construction sector and […]