The COGAN project at the NUMGE 2014 conference (numerical methods in geotechnical engineering)


The NUMGE conference was the 8th in a series of conferences on Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering organized by the ERTC7 in Delft (Netherlands) where Andrew Lees from Geofem had the chance to introduce the COGAN project to the Conference’s participants.

Some pictures were taken for this occasion and are now online on the NUMGE website and some of them are on our COGAN project Facebook page.

The photos that we have on our Facebook page were taken on the first day of the conference on Wednesday 18th June during the morning plenary session. Andrew Lees gave a feature lecture on the COGAN project to an audience of the leading experts in the field of geotechnical numerical analysis. The talk was well received with several new contacts made with people keen to keep updated on the COGAN Project.


OGAN Project at the NUMGE conference

If you attended the NUMGE conference you can look at all the pictures through their website


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