The COGAN Competency Tracker is now ready!


After months of hard work, we can finally present you the COGAN Competency Tracker.


COGAN project competency tracker



The COGAN competency tracker is now ready to be tested and it can be accessed at

After 6 months of dedicated work, world-renowned experts from the geotechnical and numerical analysis fields have prepared around 800 competence statements defining the minimum knowledge you need to perform geotechnical numerical analysis. Most of these statements also have learning resource references associated with them so that you can start learning them today! Meanwhile, COGAN partner Enginsoft has been hard at work developing the software allowing you to view and record achievement in each competence statement – we have named this software the COGAN Competency Tracker and it is freely available for access now. Anyone can access the Competency Tracker using the “anonymous user access” to view the competence statements and learning resource references. In return for this free access we only ask that you provide us with your opinion on the software by completing this survey so that we can make the software even better.


Registered users can access even more features of the Competency Tracker, including the ability to record achievement in each competence. If you would like to complete a more thorough review of all the software’s features for us, please contact us for registered user access.


In order to help you with the use of this new tool, we prepared two video tutorials. They are both available to help you when browsing through the competency statements. In addition to these videos, we also prepared a manual to help go through the COGAN competency tracker.


Download it here : COGAN Competency Tracker v1.7.2 manual 


COGAN Competency Tracker video tutorials

We strongly encourage you to view the video tutorials hereunder, prepared by Giovanni and Filippo,  to help you navigate through the competency tracker.


Video #1: General Presentation



Video #2: Users

The second video demonstrates how to register a user:




Anybody can now browse through the competency tracker and review it anonymously. We would like to receive feedback in order to add any needed improvement. Consequently, we would really appreciate if you filled in the survey we created after you used the tracker.

We encourage you to use it and then review it totally anonymously by following the link hereunder:


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